Heavy Baby Doll Making Class

Please join Kari and Francesca for a heavy baby doll making class on

Sunday, February 17 from 10-2pm in the Grove Room
Heavy Baby Dolls are weighted bunting dolls that are wonderful gifts for little ones to hug and love. The dolls are filled with lavender-infused millet, providing an enriching sensory experience of real baby feel and pleasing, calming scent. The process of making one and pouring your love into it alongside others is a lovely experience. We hope you will join us!
Workshop cost: $90 including all supplies
Please RSVP to mirthdesignsstudio@gmail.com by this Sunday, February 10th.


The Gift of ” No”

To learn more on the topic of “No”, take a look at the articles below. Because the more tools we have in our parenting toolbox, the easier it is to journey through Parenthood.




But will disciplining my child push us apart? Kim John Payne addresses this in the video below.