Simple ways to give back to
Maple Village


Steps to sign-up and activate your account:

  • Click family sign-up.
  • Enter your information with our school number which is 9L53297333484
  • In your Profile section, be sure to list the student at MVWS that you are associated with.
  • Go to Presto Pay enter your bank information. (You will be able to effortlessly shop online and order pre-paid cards at a wide variety of merchants. In addition, you will be able to see how much money is going back to the school.)
  • Check your bank account and record the amount of cents deposited into your bank account.
  • Log back into your account and enter these two amounts.
  • Check your e-mail and retrieve the approval code. Forward this code to Carver Scott.
  • Process then is complete and you can shop effortlessly.

  • Sign up at
  • Enter your debit/credit and register up to 3 schools.
  • Attach your debit/credit cards and/or your store loyalty cards – especially for Lazy Acres and Fresh and Easy.
  • Continue shopping at your favorite merchants around Long Beach.
  • If you want your eScrip earnings to count towards your Family Scrip Total, please e-mail Carver Scott at the name of the student(s)’ family at MVWS that you want your earnings to count towards.

Thank you for your participation!

Shop MightyNest for Back to School!

In case you’re not familiar with MightyNest, they have amazing back-to-school gear, including backpacks, water bottles, lunch bags and leak-proof lunch containers.

Check out our cool new MightyNest for Schools page and sign up to get started:

When you shop on, 15% of your purchase will be donated to Maple Village Waldorf School! Besides back to school gear for kids, MightyNest has thousands of other high quality and well-designed essentials for your home, family and healthy lifestyle.

And, with MightyNest for Schools your healthy, mindful actions benefit our school! Be sure to share our Mighty School page with your family and friends. They can raise money and earn points for our school too!

Thank you!

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