Parent Portal: The Village Records

For your protection, only currently enrolled families with active user accounts have access to The Village Records site.

Our Village Records site features the following information:

  • Family contact information
  • Student reports
  • A school directory

In the future, the Village Records site will be where families will come to:

  • Apply for admission
  • Register for school
  • Sign contracts
  • Volunteer for committees
  • and much more

2018-2019 Parent Village

  • Co-Chairs: Jennie Virgilio & Britt Sexton

Harvest Faire

  • Chair: Kari Rahni
  • Co-Chairs: Meghan Wincor & Kim Ward

Wings – Fundraising

  • Chair: TBA
  • Scrip: Carver Scott

Maple Connection – Hospitality

  • Chair: Marisa Togiaso

Spring Gala

  • Chair: Andi Levine


  • Chair: Katelyn Hover-Smoot

Hands – Beautification & Site

  • Chair: Chris Sexton


  • Co-Chairs: Robert Dameron & Alicia Sovich


  • Chair: Candice Dickens-Russell


  • Chair: Christina Martinez-Adame

Holiday Float

  • Chair: Pam Villano & Andrea Bush


  • Chair: Jo Hendrix